So I don’t normally like posting pics of just grey plastic, but after 2 night of clipping, cutting, filing and glueing I think I’ll make an exception just this once.

This is a Knight Castellan which I got for my birthday, I guess I’ve been a good boy this year! It is a massive model and has just so much detail. The stance looks a little odd at presence as some bits are just blue tacked on so I can paint it properly. I just hope I can spray it tomorrow (I do hope the weather is good) as I’m desperate to start painting it now, not that I know I plan to paint it, but further me can worry about that!

15 thoughts on “It’s a Bigun!

    1. Thanks John, unfortunately I will not be able to get it sprayed today as its far to rainy in Manchester today.
      In the colour front I looked at some pics of these in the book and I’m still no closer to picking a colour scheme!

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    1. It certainly felt like an achievement just getting it together! Still trying to get my head around how to do the armour sections, but I can start on the rest. Or I will be able to if the weather keeps dry long enough to spray it!

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    1. I actually have 2 of the smaller Knights already but never painted, and me and Jenn have 1 of the original Knights that we joint painted but never finished.
      So I’m hoping to get this one done then sort out the others as well.

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