So me and my good mate Ben have just started a podcast series, all around the game GodTear that I’ve been posting up some mins of recently. The podcast is aimed at people that know how to play the game and pros and cons of certain units tactics etc. So if anyone here does happen to play GodTear it might be worth a listen.

The link is here:

7 thoughts on “A GodTear Pod Cast

  1. While I don’t play GodTear and probably couldn’t follow any in-depth discussion of it, I fully support your new venture. I hope you enjoy recording episodes and that fans of GodTear take up listening to it too! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! And yer if you have never played GodTear it’s not going to make any sense to you. I enjoyed recording it and last night we even played a game just with the Podcast in mind and it was a great game.
      And I guess time will tell on what GodTear people think of it.

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      1. I listened to the first minute or two and I thought the quality was good! If I was a GodTear, I’d be subscribed and eagerly anticipating more episodes πŸ™‚

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