So with the year quickly drawing to a close this is more than likely the last model I’ll finish this year, but to be fair its a decent model to end on. Its certainly taken some time but I’m very happy with the final results, one of the last things I did was attach the 3 banners on the back of the model which I had painted separately (for easy) and I was pleasantly surprised just how nice they set the model off. Other than that I did a base in very much the same theme as the rest of my force. So here it is a Alarith Spirit of the Mountain for my Lumineth Realm-Lords force.

As I said above this model is part of a force and in some respects also part of a bigger project and that is a setting for my models, so I’d like to show how this model fits in with that army and project, but I thought I’d try to do that is a “story” style format, so that is what follows below:

The High Warden waited at the make shift docks along the great river that wound into the savanna and his interest slowly rose, it had been almost a year since he had first been tasked with going to Ghur the Realm of Beasts and securing a camp, and he still had no idea why. He hoped however that the visitor arriving by ship could illuminate him on the true nature of his task. As the boat coming from the east slowly grew from a spec on the horizon he studied the map he had managed to make with the limited intel he had of this continent.

He had made camp along the great river that wound into the center of the continent in the Savana area, to the south he had seen little life in the desert and to the west a hug mountain range blocked further exploration. The north looked of most interest to him with the temperature cooling the further north you went and signs of other civilizations including a human city. As so it was North he assume his visitor would require that he went.

The visitor that got off the ship however was not a diplomat or noble as he has expect but a Stonemage, but more surprisingly was that this follower of the path of the mountain was that he did not want to go west into the hills, but instead insisted on going into the Savana area just a little north of the river. When a specific spot that seem the same as the rest of the savanna to anyone without mage sight was reached the follower of Alarith simply sat an meditated.

The Wardens made camp and ensured the area was secure, and then waited for some word from the Mage. After 3 days they started to worry as the Stonemage had simply not moved in all that time just sat mediating without food or water, some in the unit even suspected he had died and his body was simply to stubborn to fall over. The High warden however kept them on task ensuring none approached the meditating mage.

On the 5th day a small pack of riders approached from the north, these primitive however where easily scarred away by a simple show of strength when all 10 Wardens formed rank with pikes held aloft.

And on the 6th day of the Mages meditation the unthinkable happened, a being of immense strength and power simply appeared. How this was possible the High Warden did not know but one moment the area was clear with the highest point being a small broken statue from an ancient temple. And the next moment a hammer wielding giant of a form stood gaze fixed upon the Stonemage as if had always been there and that the entire Savanna was its realm. The Stonemage turned to the High Warden and spoke for the first time that week to simply say, “It has begun”

10 thoughts on “Ending on top of a mountain

  1. I really like the color combinations on the big guy. The elves also look great with their bold green color. Its great to see you finish this project as it was definitely a big one and it looks awesome with all of your other elves too.

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