So I’ve been back on to my GodTear models tonight this time painting a Elf demigod called Lordann the Autumnal Wind with her followers the Mistwood Rangers. Only base colours and washes/inks so far but I think my colour scheme of light clean colours with red hair is working. The choice of red hair is for 2 reasons firstly the “Autumnal” part in her name and second as she is a Red coloured champion in the game.

And fittingly I did a another podcast on these champions known as slayers just the other day with my good mate Ben.

6 thoughts on “A Red Hair Woman

  1. Looking good so far! 🙂 The colours on them also look close to those on your big-knight-goliath-mech-thingy (I’m not good with names) and look spot on! Almost coincidentally it turns out I’m working my way through a series of Red Sonja graphic novels that are available via Kindle Unlimited!

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    1. Cheers John, until you said that I had not realised but yer they really are similar colours, oh well can’t get to much of a good thing!
      I don’t not know about Red Sonja but just googled it and it looks very cool and I certainly see the link.

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  2. Off to a good start and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress as well. Incidentally, Steam Forged Game was showing me GodTear ads on Facebook so this post is timely to say the least! 🙂

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