So I’ve been slowly chipping away at my Knight and now got the torso finished off.

I’ve also started try to use my light box again after a rather excellent post by Pete who really demonstrated what great quality photos you can get with them. Link:

Doing the torso also meant doing all of the “smaller” guns. The top ones on either shoulder are very traditional can style weapons. I’ve tried to add just a little darkening to the end of the barrels go show use rather than disrepair.

Between the cannons are some missiles, now I tried to male these look a bit more ancient as they are “shield breakers” which means the can pass throw force fields. Which is not common in the game so I wanted an old ancient lost tech sort of look.

Then finally there are the “arm pit guns” these are short range metal guns which do just that melt stuff. For a scale of size a man in this setting can hold a single one of these.

Really enjoying this project so far but still got some way to go! Onto the legs (and exhausts) next!

10 thoughts on “Head and shoulders above

  1. Every time you update, you’re making excellent progress. I think you’ll have this done before you know it. Your willingness to tackle big models like this is impressive as well!

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    1. I do hope so! I used to really dread doing them I think I had a part done dragon on my desk part done for 2 plus years, then I painted a tree man and I loved it did in no time (for me) and that really sparked me to do more big stuff!

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