So last night I actually got in a game of GodTear which was great fun, and although I lost it was a close game. With one of my better units being the Mistwood Rangers that took out an enemy Champion on a shoot that really should not of done that well. So after that performance I though it only fair to get a bit more paint on them.

The base colours I had done the other week so this was just a case of working up the areas. Pleased with how it (I say it as its an Elf who knows it its a boy or girl elf) I think the white cream and skin are offset enough by the richer red/brown I used for the bow, leather and hair.

I had a go at a little pink on the lips and I think it turn out ok, I did however suffer the typical eye issue of 1 looking how I wanted and the other look more like an odd coloured egg to the face.

I was also somewhat surprised my the low number of paints I had used to do all the layering. I’m not entirely sure but I think I use more that this normally, a lot more. I suppose the simple coloured scheme helped on that front.

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