So I’ve recently been working on the legs for my Knight and I’ve now managed to get them finished off. I kept them the same main colour scheme as the rest of the Knight with a the exception of a bit of extra colour on the shin pads.

When I was thinking on how to do the red and green wings I thought I would have to use a template as I wanted each to look very close in shape to each other. So I made one out of some acetate, however I found it rather hard to get it to stay in place, so I came up with the great idea of superglue.

As you can tell when I pulled it back off it caused some issues, but I think I managed to paint over it enough to get away with it. So the red one I did not glue it which made the template harder to uses and I had yo use a pencil to start with but I think it came out OK.

One other thing I did on the legs was add some oil on the pistons using a bit of a puddles affect AK paints, I hoped thus would fit in with the ancient nature of the machine.

The model is really starting to feel like it’s getting there now, still lots to do but I’m happy so far.

Next up is one of the gun arms! They have had a base of silver so at least they are started!

18 thoughts on “A bit of Leg

  1. This is excellent progress and you’re on the last leg of this project (which is always helpful for motivation I find)! I’m looking forward to seeing the final results!

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  2. That looks so cool. I’m really enjoying your WIP posts on this huge project. Using the acetate template is a cool idea – but wouldn’t it have worked better to use it more as a stencil and paint the empty middle space? Maybe that is what actually happened but the photos seem to show that the template is the shape of the aquila wing.

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