Today was a rare day in the North West of England, it was a nice day (mainly) and I was off work! And so I took the opportunity to take some photos outside of my Knight as I finished her base the other day.

The base was actually a bit of a challenge as it’s very big but at the same time the there is actually not that much space due to the massive model on it. I also wanted it to fit with my Space Marines, and I think it does to some extent.

I like the idea of the Knights working with the space Marines but from a fluf point of view and a painting point of view, as I love Space Marines infantry but find there tanks a bit dull, while the Knights are anything but dull!

10 thoughts on “In the light.

  1. I like the colour scheme on this and itโ€™s come out really crisp. I read the โ€˜nice day in the NEโ€™ and with my bleary eyes thought youโ€™d taken a shot of it in the snow (before realising it was just the background ๐Ÿ˜‚).

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  2. The lighting looks great in the photos and its always cool seeing a Knight towering over a bunch of marines. It really puts it all into scale and shows how much work a Knight is to paint up too!

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