Many people may assume that this post would be about a rather large champ, but no, today I use BFG to stand for Battle Fleet Gothic!  This is a now discontinued game by GamesWorkshop, it was affectively the space ship version of Warhammer 40K.  Now I played this game many years ago and got an Eldar (space elves) fleet for it and painted a lot of it up. However more recently this game has had a bit of a comeback at my local club, so I dug the models out and had some games.

This of course lead me to want to.paint my outstanding models, and as such here are 2 Hemllebore Class Frigates, this are the biggest Escorts class vessels that the Eldar get and are pack full of weapons.

The large gun at the front is a Lance weapon, a massive anti ship laser. Then on the prow the silver barrels into the purple housing are Weapons Battery which is a cover all for and other type anti ship gun.  Finally there are torpedo ports on the underside of the prow.  But these ship are also very fast thanks to their sails.  Yes in ghis setting space Elves literal “sail” the stars with Solar Sails, which I painted blue with silver runes.

Now of course I zlready had z fleet so this colour scheme was done to try and match the old models, and I think it’s comd out OK, perhaps the main Hull is a little to dark but it’s good enough to my eye.

Here they are with the ref ship a light cruiser the next size ship up.
Here they are looking after a Shadow Class Cruiser, which launches fighter craft from the lower prow.

And here they are taking point with the rest of the escorts I have in the fleet.

I had tried to get all the fleet together for a shoot but it was not working in the light box and in the process I did this 😞 that bit should be attached to the light!

I am going to show the paints I used for this model, as ever more for me than anyone else as I do have a few more to do!

12 thoughts on “BFG

  1. I remember this game. I so wanted to play, but couldn’t get anybody else to bit from the gaming group. I love the style you’ve chosen for these Space Elf ships, so much better than the GW teams paint jobs!

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    1. You missed out, it is a really fun game, there is actually still a decent following of it, there are loads of high quality 3D print files about for it, the other club members are using them. Might be worth looking at if it still interests you!
      And thanks on the colour compliment, it was however a younger me that picked them and I have no memory why!

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      1. If I can find a group or another player, that might just kick me over to resin printing!
        And you are welcome, I still like the colors, even if they were your younger self’s choices!

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  2. Those ships look awesome! They really capture the style of the Eldar as well. I’m sorry about your lightbox but selfishly, I hope we’ll get to see more of these ships soon! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, they are great models to paint. And yep I have 3 more to do, 2 cruisers and 1 battle ship, and want to get these done soon and then some photos of the full fleet. But first I got a GodTear champ to paint before the 12 of June for a tournament!

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  3. Nice work on the BFG fleet! Really like the look you’ve given the Eldar here. 🙂 I split the original box with someone but never managed to have a single game, nor paint any of the models – another one that would have been good if only… I understand there’s a lot out there in STL/3D print land for the game these days, so if you decide to really go further with it there’s always more models you could paint up and share with us! 😀

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    1. It’s a good game, a bit rules heavy as old GW always was, but decent. I actually have 1 of all the original eldar that was ever on sale (I believe) including the forgeworld stuff, so you see pics of all that when it’s painted, not much left actually only 3 ships.
      I’m also think of getting a Chaos 3D printed force as it’s taken off at the local club, so you might see them too!

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