Been working on some more GodTear, and got my latest champ more or less complete, might need a little extra highlights on the leather tabard and basing.

She is called Luella, The Raging Storm, and has a variety of lighting based attacks in game. Hence the attempt at a lighting style face tattoo, also the reason I gave here a copper spear. She is a “Maelstrom” class which means she is good at getting enemy followers and her “colour” is yellow. I was a bit worried the yellows and light browns might merge to much but I think they have one all right in the end.

I’ll be getting her based and followers done shortly as I plan to take her to a tournament in a few weeks!

11 thoughts on “Luella, Ella, Ella

  1. She looks really good, especially her face. You must have spent a lot of effort to get that lightning tattoo right! I think that the yellows and browns work together quite nicely; the browns are red enough not to blend with the yellow.

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the colour scheme. On the tattoo I sort of cheated, there was a line down her face, not sure it was supposed to be there or a mold line, either way I just used a contrast paint along it, getting a crisp edge nose side, then tided up the other side after!


  2. She came out really nicely and I don’t know if she is meant to look this way but I think she could be a valkyrie or some kind of Norse mythological figure. I look forward to seeing more GodTear in the near future! 🙂

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