I’ve now had chance to finish off Luella that I started the other day, did a couple of minor tuch ups but mainly it was the base. So I wanted a Norse sort of feel base, so so grass a few grey stones a bit of heather but I also wanted to try and capture part of what makes Luella a DemiGod, lighting! So she has a special fast move in a straight line followed by a lighting attack in game, in my head I don’t see her running that fast (she is a Dwarf!) But her sort of zipping along in a lighting style flash, so around her feet I’ve tried to make the grass look burnt and the grown cracked, the centre of a lighting strike!

It’s not come out perfectly as to what I had in my head, but it is looking good enough. I also managed to finish her followers, using the same colours more or less as Luella, but without the burnt grass base as they only walk normally.

I’ve also got the standard/flag/totem finished which makes another fully done set!

This leaves me in the almost unheard of spot, I’ve run out of GodTear models to paint! I’m also more or less out of space on the their shelf.

15 thoughts on “Lighting struk

  1. That is a really cool and creative way to base these models. I think you did really well with them all and their personality really shines through. Its also cool seeing all of the GodTear minis on your shelf. Do you think that Steamforged will release more in the near future? Usually it is almost hopeless to actually finish painting a line of minis until the game is discontinued because they are produced so quickly but now it seems like you could have the opposite problem.

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    1. I glad you like the base, one of the things I like about the game is the relative big bases, lots of space to do fun stuff.
      There are lots more GodTear mins out there and still being released, I’ve just not currently got any more, there are a few I’m thinking about from a playstyle and painting point of veiw.

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