So I’ve started something new! A miniature game called “A Song of Ice and Fire” based of the books by the same title, but better known as A Game of Thrones. This is a big block of troops game, with things like flank attacking important. A couple of champs at the local game club have it and gave me a demo game. I loved it, reminded me of a smoother version of old Warhamer Fantasy Battle.

As such I decided to buy in, so I had to pick to a faction, one of the great houses or as you may of guessed from the title the Nights Watch which is what I went for. I decided on these because it sounds like they play how I like to play. So I picked up the starter set for the faction and started thinking about painting. Which in turn lead me to rewatching the starting intro for said TV series, and I thought, oh my that’s a lot of black!

But I’ve given it my best shot on a test model and fairly happy with it do far

Fairly happy with what I achieved with getting different shades of “black” to give yhe model some definitions. I did this by first painting some areas browns and greys then did contrast black on top. Here is the model just prior to the contrast black.

Now I am thinking of adding some dirt to the boots and lower cloak, and looking at pigments for this, but never done anything with them so need some more experiments first. Any advice however to get realistic dirt / mud on would be much appreciated. Also got no idea on the base yet, I want snow but want something else, rocks or some plants or even grave just not sure yet.


14 thoughts on “Take the Black

  1. Nicely done! 🙂 I’m expecting a few people might advise you on pigments/weathering but, sadly, I’m not one of them – I don’t seem to be able to manage that on figures although I can usually manage something passable on vehicles!

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  2. Very nice – I’ve thought about trying the Night’s Watch myself but it’s a lot of black to paint isn’t it! Hadn’t thought about doing black contrast paint over a variety of colours though, that’s a good idea. The game looks very interesting too, I’ve yet to play it properly but it seems fun, and a fine way to spend the time whilst we wait for old George to write the world’s longest book very, very slowly… As for weathering I’d suggest sponge-weathering, a bit of brown or light grey sponged onto the bottom of the cloaks would look the business I reckon.

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    1. When I picked them I was thinking about how they would play, it was not until I got them and looked at them did I think about how much black there was.
      On the contrast front its my favourite way to use them now over a different base, get some great metals using yellows and brown over silver.
      I have my first proper game this week, so will see how it goes, I am hopeful!
      I’ve never used sponges I will try that out as it sounds like what I am after.
      Did you get the double army starter set?

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      1. That’s right, I got the Starks vs Lannisters set, plus a few other units that I picked up on a deal. I’m trying to paint all that before I get tempted by anything else but you know how it goes…

        Sponging takes a little bit of practice to get the “feel” that you’re looking for right but once you get into the way of it it’s ridiculously easy. Pretty much all the weathering I do these days is sponged on. Get a bit of sponge like you’d use for doing the dishes and tear off a lump a few cm across. Dip it gently in some paint then dab it on a tissue/the edge of your pallet. You’ll see that at first there’s so much paint on there that it just makes a splat, and if you keep at it you’ll end up with no wet paint left on the sponge at all (it’s all been transferred to the surface or worked it’s way into the material). For weathering you want about half-way between these two stages. Hope that helps. 🙂

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  3. Painting one dominant colour and keeping a figure interesting is never easy but you’ve done a very fine job on this one with the contrast paints. There’s lots of weathering materials out there to chose from and I’m sure they all have there merits but the level of application is something to determine. Heavy mud is fine as would be simple splashes so you might want to decide how far you want to take it. If you intend to use snow that would suggest more frozen ground so I’d be inclined to not go to overboard. As you say, experiment and I’m sure you’ll find what will work best for the image you have in mind. 🙂

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    1. Thanks TIM. On the weathering front I’m not after loads, as you say in a cold place they are not going to be caked in mud, I just want them to look like they are used cloths and and not in parade dress if you see what I mean.

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    1. Thanks mate, I do love to use contrast like that, it’s how I do my Marines, a dark grey base coat bit of light grey dry brush and then contrast black gets really good black armour to my eye. Not as quick as normal contrast but still quicker than edge highlighting!

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  4. I don’t do a ton of the weathering you’re talking about but I think Wudu’s idea of sponging is a good one. You can also drybrush with almost no paint left on the brush to get a subtle dirt effect. I’m looking forward to seeing more GoT minis. Seeing you and Wudu paint them remind me of how enjoyable the show could be!

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    1. I’m going to give the sponge a go like Wudu’s suggested and had thought about dry brushing it’s just not something I feel I’m very good at!
      It was a good show, after watching the opening scene to see the Night watch again I was tempted to keep watching!

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  5. Very effective use of different shades of black. I hadn’t thouught of doing what you did there to achieve them, but I might have to do a similar experiment myself and see how it turns out.
    As for the weathering – you could drybrush, sponge, stipple.. they all give different effects that can all look very nice. Green Stuff World also has some nice liquid pigments that I’ve been playing with today for some dirt & dust effects on armour. Post(s) should be up in a few days once the models are complete.

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