So I’m currently in the process of painting some Nights Watch from the game A Song of Ice and Fire (better known by some as Game of Thrones from telly), and these chaps are rather know for wearing Black. Interesting this has landed when Games Workshop have launched some new contrast paints, so I picked up the darkest cool ones and did 3 cloaks just straight over a white/light grey base spray.

Still a little wet

So the one on the left is their new black, and it really is rather black, one coat and its come out nice to my eye. The middle one is not sold as a black it’s something Grime yep its a dark grey brown, so will be useful. The one on the right is their original black and in comparison to the others has a blue tint to it. These I feel will be handy for yhis force especially with some other colours underneath first.

I should also say that the news ones felt s bit more oily if that makes sense, not a problem just s bit different feel to the flow than the first contrasts had.


7 thoughts on “How Black is your Black

  1. That Black Legion looks quite nice, and I might have to pick some up! People really liked Black Templar, but I could never get it to work for me. It’s a bit of dark blue-green which can end up really weird. Are the new ones still a bit glossy like the old Contrast paints?

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  2. Its interesting to read your thoughts on these new paints and see the results too. I haven’t used a black Contrast paint because I tend to use Nuln Oil or just a thinned down regular black paint but you’ve got me thinking I should give Black Templars a try now!

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