So this week I’ve been chipping away at some more Night’s Watch from A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game. As this is a big units sort of game I’ve taken a slightly different track to how I normally do things, I’ve chosen to get the whole unit going at once. So I’m currently at ghe base coats znd washes done, with layering and fine details (like eyes) to do along with some weathering and the bases.

That means from a distance like the shots above they look decent, and I’m please with the overall look of the unit. I feel there is enough black so people can tell who they are but enough variations to make it look enjoyable. I also think the variations help it look more realistic, a group living at the top of the civilised world formed by convics, bastards and people looking to leave their old life would all have perfectly matching shoes and gloves.

Up close obviously the need for some layering and fine detail stands out but they are working for me at this stage as well, considering I’ve painted them quickly (for me).

I’ve also started an idea for a snow landscape base on a test base but it’s still drying.

I’ve also got around to playing 2 “proper” games since my demo game and still think the game is very interesting. Lots of thinking about positioning and when to activate a unit but with a simple set of cord rules! So really a shot from behind the unit is what I should card about as they advance on the foe on the opposite side of the table!

Finally if anyone has any other black related titles for these posts please let me know, as you can tell I’m scraping the barrel a bit already!

14 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. This is a great looking unit thus far, mate. I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your first couple of games too. You need that motivation to power through these sizeable blocks of miniatures!

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  2. These are quite nice. Your photos show them off nicely, they nearly look like they jumped off the TV screen! I had to look again through the photos to see that there were dupes, so your painting variation is also working nicely. 🙂

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  3. These are looking great! I really like the way you’ve brought in a bit of variety with the different coloured accoutrements (boots etc) and a splash of colour in the hair, whilst still painting them primarily in black. You’re selling me on the faction (I always had a soft-spot for the Nights Watch in the books) and on the new black contrast paint as well. As for post titles how about: Paint It Black? Back In Black? Any Colour You Like (So Long As It’s Black)? Blackout? Men In Black? Fell On Black Days?
    Revealing a fair bit about my musical taste there I know! 😀

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