I’m still working on my Night’s Watch army and getting through the details on my Sword Brothers Units, but I also start a different model and it was such a joy to paint I finished it really quickly. So I present to you Ghost the albino Dire Wolf.

It was a really nice simple and satisfying model to paint, contrast blech bone base coat followed by 2 dry brush of white, the first being an off white. Eyes and nose toes and done! So I started on the base which I hope will be the base for this army, I wanted a true snow scape. So a few rocks and static grass followed by Games Workshop new Valhallan Blizzard over it all the went dry a bit of PVA glue and snow powder.

The model also feels about the correct size base of the books and TV series, bigger than a wolf but not huge and silly like a GW might be, here is a shot next to one of the Sword Brothers and still working on.

18 thoughts on “From Black to White

  1. Ah, the goodest boy in the Nights Watch! Cracking job, I find white fur to be tricky but that’s come out really well. Love the base too, the black clothes of the rest of the army are going to really stand out nicely against that.

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  2. Ghost looks very sharp, mate! I like that you did the fur in an off-white to help him stick out from the snow as well. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you use to create the snow? It turned out very nicely!

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    1. Thanks, I was surprised that fur worked as well as it did, prior to the base it looked really white.
      The base was rather simple I left it the light grey I had sprayed the whole model stuck on the rocks and grass tuffs, then used Games Workshop new snow for bases, Fenrizian Blizzard (or something close to that) all over really and lumped up in places, these are the areas that look slightly cream in colour. When that was dry I used some PVA with static snow, it’s an old tube from Games Workshop I used, not sure they still sell it but I assume it most be available somewhere. Then just rimmed the base. Hope that helps!

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