So I think I’ve just finished (well still needs to base) another Nights Watch member. This time Aemon the Maester of Castle Black. This rather learned older gent does not go on the battle field but rather sits on the sidelines so to speak as a None Combatant Unit, and helps the other units doing the fighting, mostly by healing them.

The paint job has been relatively simple, the eyes where a little odd as in the book Game of Thrones (first book of A Song of Ice and Fire) they are described as just white as he is blind. I actually did a 2 tone white, a line across in an off white, then a dot in true white where I would normally do a colour.

So this is how he was looking, I’d done some grey on the bottom of the cloak to represent wear but felt like it needed a bit of dirt, I don’t think Castle black would be that clean. So I used the advice of the mighty Wudugast for and made a sponge and put a bit of brown on the bottom.

For a first go I’m fairly happy, I over did it in places but just put a little dark grey in there as a fix as it seems fine. So thanks for the help on that.

Next stage for this model is a base. I want a “castle” type base, possibly flagstones but not sure how to do it yet as the model is built into the base (came that way). Any ideas I’m all ears!

10 thoughts on “Maestering the dirt

  1. I liked this character in the TV show because he seemed to be one of the people you could describe as a decent bloke! 😀 I think the little touches on the eyes and at the bottom of the cloak bring the character to life nicely and I’m excited to see more GoT minis as they’re surprisingly making me nostalgic for the show, which I didn’t think was possible.

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    1. I’d forgotten you had done these I think that would also of worked but it does look like it would take a while.
      I know what you mean on the eyes, however in the book it does say he has completely white eyes, and I do want to try and be fairly faithful to that.

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