So I had a bit of an issue yesterday on how to sort a base out that was part of the model and I had already painted it. So I asked on my post and the mighty TIM had an interesting suggestion of carving the flag stones I was after into the base. So I gave it a go! And to be honest I’m fairly pleased with it, so thanks TIM!

Now I’ve got a couple more of these none combat units to do that I want these bases as if they are in some part of the castle, so below I’ve done a step by step guide of how I got here. But before I show that I thought I’d say why I was thinking this. The idea is a cobblestone floor (Google shows that as many floors of castle ramparts) but with a bit of snow as it’s a very cold area, also some grit as castle black is described as somewhat derelict in the books and some straw, as I think it was commonly used at these times for all sort of things and got everywhere.

This was the challenge bit, digging lines in the base to represent the gaps in the flag stones, this was also TIMs brain child.
Next I used a light brown in the cracks to represent motor.
And the a grey on the flag stones.
A bit of a dirty wash on it all using a contrast paint to try it all together and get some texture
Followed by some drybrushing as it was a bit to shiny, rather heavy handed here and uneven
Then sticking on some grit, snow and straw (made from a old brush)
Then a quick base rim.


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