I managed to finish off my first unit on Nights Watch, some Sword Brothers, they are the standard troop unit but really pack a punch due to their massive swords and some intens training. I really enjoyed doing these used some more sponge work for the dirt and finish their bases the same way I did the Wolf’s the other day. I also got around to doing the movment trays as well!

So it’s starting to feel a decent force, still enjoying the games as well which is a bonus! I’ve got a second non-combat unit and some light cavalry on the painting desk next. As well as some home made markers!

13 thoughts on “Men (and wolf) in Black

  1. And now your watch really has begun! These look great, the black really pops nicely against the snow. I do find snow bases tricky, I always end up looking like my models have a terrible cocaine habit, but you’ve managed it nicely. 🙂

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    1. Thanks mate, I think this is my second snow based force, the first was Space Wolves but I did them Ice and snow. I think you alway a second thing on a base for it to work, hence the rocks / tuffs here.
      I tried a pure sand base once and it was dreadful.


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