Next up on my Night’s Watch force for A Song of Ice and Fire is Bowen Marsh the First Steward of Castle black. Now I must be honest I did not recall him from the TV series but a quick search on the old interweb revealed he is present. He is also in the first book (which I’m so far through reading). He is my second None Combat Unit and he focuses on making sure that the Combat units have the right gear (via giving cards to a set of cards you can use to help during the game).

Painting wise I wanted him to look a bit posh, as such I decided to not put any dirt on him like I had the others. I also gave him a little bit of copper/bronze metal while all the rest of the metals for other units have been silver, again to show his standing in the group. Base was just the same as my last NCU, but I’m actually happier with this one I think less gravl/snow/straw helped here.

One thing that surprised me a bit about painting this chap is just how many paints I used to get him to the base colours on. I normally keep the paints I’ve used on the desk, just in case I missed a spot so can find the correct shade of colour easy, and when I had got him to a fairly simple base colours of mainly black with a bit of brown I had all of these out!

Still loads more to do on this force and I’m even starting to think a out some terain for it!

14 thoughts on “For the Stewards!

  1. I think you nailed the look of this guy. He does look more regal than the rest of the Night’s Watch. As John said, the face sculpt and your paint job on the face both came out really well too. It seems like GoT is propelling you to new painting heights and that is always a good thing!

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  2. Well done, with all those blacks and greys! I have to ask, how did you go about the skin? It looks really nice. I haven’t had much luck with Citadel flesh tones, so I’m pretty curious!

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    1. So I actually did it differently to how I normally would, so of because it did not go as planned but it looks like that might of helped.
      I started with a base coat of Bugman’s Glow as I wanted a “red ting” to the face, then I washed with Reikland Fleshshade as again I wanted that red tone. When that was dry I layered with Cadian Flesh Fleshtone (I think it was that one and not a different light coloured pinky felsh) putting a bit more on the really raised area like the nose. At this stage it look horrible to my eye there was just to more harsh contrast between the base and the layers, so I added another wash of Reikland Fleshtone.
      That was it for the skin, the hair was a simple base browny yellow, brown wash lighter highlights layer, I did add eyebrows using the base brown that I don’t normally. The eyes (which I’m not that happy with one came out a bit low) I use Pallid Wych Flesh rather than white, followed by a dot colour.
      Hope that makes sense!

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      1. Oh, interesting. Yea with Citadel paints, I’ve always added the base, wash, start the highlights and then find the contrast is horrible. I’ve tried mixing Cadian in with Bugman’s to more gradually increase the highlights (what I did on the Halflings), but the two colors don’t mix all that well. I haven’t tried it yet, but adding off-white to Bugman’s to slowly increase highlights might be a better result. Your idea of a wash over the last layer can also work nicely. At any rate, it looks really nice in the pics! 🙂

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      2. I always find faces hard, either it’s to harsh a contrast like this one prior to the wash, or there is such little difference it looks like it’s not been highlighted at all.
        I do like your thought of just making the base lighter with a white, that might work. I’m also wondering if I should look at any other colour ranges that have those natural light shades progressively for a base.

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      3. Pure white probably wouldn’t work well. I would try an off-white like Ivory. I don’t have my Citadel colors in front of me, but I’m guessing that Wraithbone is the closest? Vallejo Model Color Ivory color should also mix well with Citadel.

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