Well I’m currently well into my new game A Song of Ice and Fire and painting my Night’s Watch. I’ve even booked myself in at a tournament in October! So while painting is great I’ve wanted to do a bit so simple modeling and found a perfect excuse. In this war game you activate a unit alternatively with your opponent, which keeps the game following nicely but it means you need to track what has activated and what has not! The game provides so rather boring card board tokens for this, or you can by some standards for your chosen force but these seem hard to find (may even be a limited thing). So what else could I do but make something!

With the Nights Watch badge being a sword and a bird I thought this a simple option, especially as we had a pack of Ravens in from Bad Squid Games, which are lovely metal models. The swords are from the bits box from Old Empire Militia I think, with the arms and hands taken off.

The centre bird I did different as I had one with open wings and had ran out of the other swords, so it got a hero sword (from the bits box) and I plan to use that for my generals unit. I think they are about the correct size and you will be able to see them on the table. So I useful addition to the gaming experience and scratched the old try to build something itch as well!

16 thoughts on “The bird has gone

  1. This a clever idea and I really like the finished product. It evokes the Night’s Watch perfectly! I said it in my last comment but its worth repeating. This GoT minis seem to be bringing the best out of you!

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