So I finished (save the base) my first mounted model for the Game of Thrones game I’ve got into, A Song of Ice and Fire. This is a Ranger Tracker of the Nights Watch, these champions are the eyes and eyes of the Nights Watch ranging Fire and wide north of the Wall that the Nights Watch guard.

I chose to go for a light brown horse to contrast with the blacks of the rider, and I also applied a fair bit of dirt to the low parts of the rider but not the horse. My logic here is that during scouting and area these chaps would go so far on horse then go by foot crawling through brush and the like, there is even a scene like that in the start of the first book.

The cham was painted in a similar way to my other Nights Watch, contrast blacks over different colours bases to get different shades of black. Hair, face and leather paint in the standard style of base, wash and layers. The horse I used contrast as a base followed by some layers, it’s turned out OK, but not perfect, good enough for a model in a unit of 4.

Next up is the rest of the unit, thinking of doing different horse colours, a chestnut a grey and a dark brown, so off to the Internet to find pics of horses for reference!

14 thoughts on “A Horseing Along

  1. I was wondering if you’d have to paint some mounted units for this game. I think the horse came out nicely and the personality of the ranger comes across well too. Its interesting to see the supports near the horse’s feet. LOTR minis used to have those as well and then got away from them for some reason. I’m sure they will help make the mini sturdier when you’re gaming with it which is always a good thing.

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    1. Thanks mate, the mounted unit was the reason I picked this faction actually as I like “mixed arms” forces and this was the army that I looked the look of and had mounted troops in the starter set. They also have a war machine that I just bought!
      I think the bits on the feet are all about how good the company is at injection molding, as you say GW used to have this but I think as they have got better than can do away with it. These models do feel a little behind GW in terms of how well they manufactured, they are still very good, GW standard a few years ago, so I’m assuming they just can not get that level of perfection in the molding process yet. Also these models are actually supplied fully assembled and on bases so it could have something to do with how they are put together in the factory after the plastic is made.

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      1. I didn’t realize these were fully assembled and on bases. It would be easy for an experienced wargamer to dismiss the convenience of this but Mantic does the same thing for a lot of their minis especially Hellboy and The Walking Dead and I appreciate how much time it saves. I would be okay with having the plastic supports in exchange for saving time since our hobbying time is precious.

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      2. it does indeed save a lot a time, I must admit I have not even removed mold lines (there are a few I probably should off but always forget) so they are done very well.
        The other thing it means is that they boxes they are sold in fit them really well to transport and store them in even when painted, no need for foam cases!

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      3. Not needing storage is even better! Mantic is also big on that and while I was skeptical that a molded plastic tray could work, so far, they seem to be with Hellboy. It seems like A Song of Ice and Fire really has a quality game that manages to stand out in a crowded field.

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  2. Nice paints and that horse is a truly beautiful mini. Iā€™m not a big horse person, but they make for some of the coolest looking minis. Your color choice was just perfect too.

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