So finished the second mounted ranger tonight for the Nights Watch. This time I tried to do a chestnut horse while giving the rider a pale complexion with brown hair, to ensure these bits stand out from the black clothing but also give variation in the unit.

Please on the whole, the horse again I think could of been a bit better, not sure if there is enough contract on the sides of the horse, bit looking ok. And I think with his pal is starting to give the unit the affect I was after.

I do really like these sculpts, they have loads of movement in them. 2 more to do for the unit (come in units of 4), which I have started so hopefully they will come together quickly!

20 thoughts on “It’s a Horse of Course

  1. The horse looks very nice as is but if you want to push the contrast further, try thinning down a wash with water or medium or really thin down a dark brown paint and try to hit the shadowed areas with it. That should up your contrast without having to redo your highlights. Don’t be afraid to thin down the wash or paint a lot as you can always apply another thin coat to it if you’re still not satisfied. That is always better than the alternative which is to put too dark or heavy of a wash on something!

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    1. Thanks for this, after reading your comment I started to think about why there was less shadow and then I recalled I used the GW chestnut wash, which I think is a lovely colour, but it’s not as dark as some. So what you’re saying makes perfect sense, I’ll give it a go with a bit of a brown wash in the recess areas.
      Thanks for the tip!

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    1. Glad you like him, for the finished models I totally agree different colours work best on a unit like this, but it’s hard work getting the different colours to look good, the dark brown one I’m painting is proving to be a bit of a pain!

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  2. That chestnut color is quite beautiful and perfect for a horse! I agree with Kuribo, pushing the shadows will help add contrast. I don’t think I would want to push the highlights anymore, so I would target the shadows. Funny enough there is a preview pic of a horse from another blog showing up as I’m typing this…and it’s got a cool white stripe down its nose. Might be something to try as well.

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