Been continuing work on my mounted Nights Watch unit with the 3rd horse now done. Went for a dark brown horse this time around, and as a result decided to give the rider ginger hair to help add a bit of colour to the model.

This is at actually my least favourite sculpt in the box of 4, it’s fine, just did not inspire me as much as the others. Perhaps as there is the odd thing with the arrow having a bit of a bend/kink in it, and with the models coming pre assembled I did not feel like faffing with it. I am however really pleased with the cloak on this one just seemed to work well.

I also took some advice off the mighty Kuribo ( and added a little extra wash on the previous horse to help with the contrast and I feel it worked, so thanks for the suggestion!

And here are the 3 together, just 1 more to do then crack on with the bases!

10 thoughts on “Three is a Brotherhood

  1. Oh yea, that added some nice shading to the horse. I would probably add some darker tones into that hair. I typically start with a slightly darker color (or shade the original color), and start adding streaks. Going more dark as I go. Hair and fur tend to have a lot of variation in color, so you can go pretty wild with them. I like the heavy cloth on him and the weathering cloak is really nice!

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  2. Really glad to hear the extra shading worked out for you and unsurprisingly, I agree! The contrast looks stronger now. The three of these minis look great together and I’m curious to see what the next one looks like since it is your favorite of the bunch. I have high expectations for it now! 🙂

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