I’ve finished off my 4th (and final for the unit) Ranger Tracker foe my Night’s Watch force, I still got to base the unit but I’ll do that all together. This model was by far my favourite, to me it sums up a hunter, arrow ready waiting for the perfect shot while moving the horse around and obstacle, the hood hiding all emotion, just a lovely model.

As such I tried to make it the most interesting, as such I went for a grey spotted horse. Which I think worked OK, not perfect of course but I’m happy enough with it which is what counts. I did notice however that the lack of visible hair meant I had to add colour in else where hence the very light fur, bow and tack on the horse. So that is the finish unit of 4!

I’ve really enjoyed doing these, and I’ll make sure I get some photos in the day light once I’ve based them. I’ve enjoyed them so much I’m actually thinking about getting a second unit of mounted troops, as you also get rangers armed with swords on horseback rather than bows.

15 thoughts on “Hunting Wildlings

      1. I wish I had taken photos of that Bret army, first army I ever painted, but it looked great on the battlefield. Sadly, most of the Warhammer armies I painted were lost to a flooded basement 10-12 years ago!

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      2. That is a real shame you lost them, I think I still have almost everything, lots just thrown into a massive bits box, but still there.
        I actually have a Bret force I keep meaning to paint, only done the Lord at present I think however.

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  1. He has to be the coolest one because he’s got his hood on! 🙂 In all seriousness, I like this one best too. The pose and hood make him look like one tough hombre! Good on you for mixing up the horse breeds as well. I think that adds a nice bit of variety to the unit.

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  2. Great job on finishing up the last of them and looks like you saved the best for last. Once again I like that cloak and also the grey of the horse. What base color of grey did you use?

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    1. So I actually used Nuil oil wash over the light white/grey base spray. So I added the dots over the base then just did a wash all over, not really trying to focus on the 3D element just darkening down the colour. After that I went with some highlights in very light grey and then washed but just in the reseses with Nuil oil.

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