I’ve finally managed to get the bases of the mounted archers done, I kept to the same theme as the previous units but added bigger rocks in part because the bases where bigger and in part because the unit is good at going through difficult terrain (have the pathfinder special rule), which makes sense them being rangers.

The only other thing I did was paint the grass parts attached to some of the hoves green and stick some static grass next to each to help it look more realistic. I’ve fairly happy with the end result, especially considering how much I was dreading painting horses prior to these.

Still got lots of this force to do, I’m a fare way through some veterans, and even made a start on a war machines so hopefully I’ll be posting these up soon!

14 thoughts on “Ranger Tracked

  1. Those look fantastic! Iโ€™ve got a fear of painting horses myself (too much time spent struggling and failing to paint decent looking Bretonians in my youth I reckon) so well done for cracking on with these. Those Wildlings wonโ€™t know what hit them!

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  2. The horses look so good! I’m also in the camp of “Afraid to paint horses”. Luckily I don’t have any horse minis, haha! The riders look great too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Its really nice to see you get all of these finished up and based together. They look like quite a formidable group and hopefully will perform well in future games too!

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