Just finished off another model for my Night’s Watch force for A Song of Ice and Fire. This chap is a Watch Captain and represents a leader of a small contingent of fighting men. In game terms he is known can lead any infantry unit that has no other named characters in. This I think is actually a really nice element of the game for many reasons, in game terms each attachment (as these little leaders are known) brings different benefits tweaking how the unit works, allowing subtle changes to a list. In painting terms adding this little heroes is great as they are nice models all look rather different and feel like you can spend a bit more time on.

I love the pose of this model, classic hero, on a rock, pointing with a massive sword and a billowing cloak. Really pleasant to paint as well, not saturated with excess detail but lovely sculpt on the bits that are there. Very similar paint scheme to the rest of the force, but still nice to do.

17 thoughts on “Hero on point

    1. They come in boxes of just hero’s, but there are 2 types, this one came out of an attachment box and is all unnamed people, like this guy the builder and ranger hero I did.
      Then there is another bo type of Heors which are all named from the books.
      If you like Game of Thrones might be worth looking at. Just one thing to note is that it’s based off the books not the TV so there are some differences.

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  1. Great job on this one, mate! Its funny how the typical poses of pointing or surveying the battlefield signifies that someone is a leader when in reality they often look like the least active and least likely to accomplish much on the battlefield ๐Ÿ˜€


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