Today saw me finish painting 2 Eldar (space Elves) space ships specifically 2 Solaris Class Light Cruisers which is a long rang (for Eldar) ship that has a host of “weapons Battery” (which are the sort of normal space ship sized cannons and the like) on its prow that have a very long rang.

I painted these up in the same colour scheme as my very long standing Eldar fleet which I start years ago early 2000s I think. The addition of these 2 ships mean that means this fleet is now done, I have at least 1 of all the original ships and they are now painted!

I have however recently bought some 3D printed markers for torpedoes and tiny fighters and bombers, so I’ll still be adding just no more ships!

23 thoughts on “The fleet is done!

  1. These look great and it is always cool to see anything Eldar. They’re one of my favorite 40k factions and their ship designs are really cool. You did a fantastic job painting them up as well!

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      1. Yes a very clean paint style I think. Odd as I’ve painted many HighElves (my first army) and even some of there newer version (nothing as good quality your Elk rider however) and never been worried about them. Perhaps is the Eldar tanks with there massive sleek hulls that put me off.

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      2. You’re too kind! I think you’re right that Eldar have larger, smooth spaces. The High Elf sculpts were more intricate, especially with their scale mail armor. Oh what I wouldn’t give for an updated version of those old High Elves sculpts!

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      3. I painted quite a few Spearmen myself so I can relate to what you’re saying. I can only hope that GW comes to their senses and puts them in The Old World whenever that finally gets released.

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      4. I’m still very unsure on The Old World, half of me wants it to be out now and get about 5 armies, the other half is more negative and see it as rehashing some that once was good. I suppose time will tell!

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