With the completion of my final Eldar Space Ships for Battle Fleet Gothic the other day I chose to continue working on some of the markers for the game. A little explanation may help here, so the game is played with the models of the space ships, split into Battle Ships (the biggest) through Cruisers to Escorts (the smallest) all on flying stand type bases. But there are lots of markers in the game, which when it came out where originally just cardboard such as asteroids, blast markers from explosion which I painted up some 3D printed models of a bit back, and what is collectively called ordnance.

There are a few types of Ordnance but generally split into 2 types, small craft such as fighters, bombers and boarding craft. And then torpedo! The latter is just a space version of the naval ones that exist today, they are fired by Ships in a straight line and move fast until they hit something. Game terms this is really interesting you can keep them loaded until you are close and Fire and hit in ghe same turn, or you can fire the early forcing your opponent to move there Ships out the way or get hit.

The invet of 3D printers mean these little card board markers can now be replaced with really tiny little models!

For reference the black tray they are on is a lid for a wet pallet (really should use that again at some point!) And it’s about A5 size. So these are tiny, as such very simple paint job, trying to keep the colours of the fleet in there, but not chance (for me anyway) of getting any good quality shading in, I did use 2 whites, a cream on all then a lighter white on the top of the main body and a bit near the tail, but that’s it.

They are too small to look good up close but at table level they should look a lot better than a bit of cardboard, and they where nice and quick and easy to paint!

10 thoughts on “Torpedo Sighted

  1. Excellent job powering through these. To me, they look a bit tedious to get through but they look awesome all together like that. You can start to imagine what a bombardment would look like!

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