The other night I finished the very last bits for my Eldar Battlefleet Gothic force in the shape of some 3D printed bombers and fighters. I had to wait till the weekend however to get a photo of them oit side in daylight as they as so small the desk light I have was not working for photos.

Like the torpedoes I did the other day these were originally only card board squares used as tokens, but I think these 3D prints just look better. The come in 2 type the bombers that can attack the capital ships and come as 2 to a base. I was fairly pleased with these as they where big enough to get some detail on.

And the fighters which protect your big ships by shooting down your opponents torpedoes and bombers. These where a bit more tricky to paint as 3 to a base made them a little on the small side, bit still bigger than the torpedoes.

The models are very small and very fragile, I could not use washes or drybrushing as a result, so it was fun to play around without 2 of my stander painting methods. 1 base of bombers had got damaged at some point (need to sort a better way to transport them) so I did some marks as if the wing had been blown off.

So that is this force done and the display shelf complete!

8 thoughts on “Tiny tiny ships

  1. Nicely done! πŸ™‚ They do match up well with the bigger ships! I use self-adhesive magnetic rubber on figure bases so that they can be held in place on steel shelves (or plastic boxes covered with “steel” paper). You could then store them in a tin since they’re only small markers, but it might be more tricky to magnetise them now they’re on bases.

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    1. I did not know magnetic rubber existed, that could do the trick. They actually come attached to the base, I think this is how they are printed, there is a small hole on the underside of the base where I was thinking of putting a magnet but not done much with them before so thanks for the suggestion will look into that too!

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  2. The fighters are a great addition to your fleet (had to catch myself and not say army!) and the pictures of the fleet are really impressive. I’ve never considered playing a spaceship combat game but you’ve convinced me they can be just as visually impressive as a land-based game so good on you, mate! πŸ™‚

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