So tonight I made a box! but not just any box, a gaming box full of tiny little spaceships! This came about after I finished painting the tiny torpedoes, flights and bombers that are 3D printed markers for the space ship game I play, Battlefleet Gothic, they are so fragil (being Eldar/space elves) that I was not sure how to transport them, I was thinking magnets. Then the might John at suggested using magnetized rubber, which I had never heard of. But the good old interweb had and even shipped some to me, and it was nice and easy to cut squares, add to the bottom of the bases, then put some metal sheeting in a little plastic box, and a divider for the other markers I have for the game and there you go a nice easy transport option and should be really usable in the games. So thanks John for the suggestion!


14 thoughts on “Box Tastic

  1. That John is a clever one! πŸ˜ƒ Is the material different than the magnetic sheets you can buy? I like to use those, as they usually have the adhesive already on the back.

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    1. So I used 2 types, 1 is just a metal sheet that has an adhesive back (like you said) but is not actually magnetic, I put this in the box. Then the other is magnetic sheet (will stick to my fridge) and that did not have the adhesive so I glued it to the bases of the little ships.

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      1. Oh weird. Over here we have magnetic sheets with adhesive on the back, so I just stick those inside the box. Then I glue a metal washer to the base of the mini. Finding the right magnetic sheet with enough sticking and magnetic power
        took awhile, but eventually I found something that worked. Sounds like you found something quicker and works for you nicely! πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. You might be able to get self adhesive ones here but they are not the ones I found.
        That’s a cool idea regarding the washers, I’m trying to think if I can use it to help transport my Night’s Watch army, but they are on trays as well, not sure how that would work. I’ll have to have a think.

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