So I’ve been continuing to work on some of the named models for my Night’s Watch force. I actually took these to the tournament last week bit they where only basecoated (I know I was very disappointed with myself too!). I have however continued to work on them and now the Painting part is done, just bases needed, and possibly a little dirt adding via a sponge.

First up we have Benjamin Stark, brother to the Famous Ned, and First Ranger of the Nights Watch. He can be fielded as the commander of your force, or just leading a unit. His pose is simple and rather grim, gives him a great feel as a non nonsense sort of person.

I also been doing John Snows good friend Sam! He can be used on the board to help a unit or off the board. Both options he helps out with Tactics cards as he is a scholar. His pose is with a torch, and thinknits supposed to represent a specific scene in the book/shows where he is going through a tunnel. It did mean however I had to paint fire, so I tried to replicate what I did for my explosion I did for my Space game using contrast paints, the only difference being I made some of the raised areas true white rather than off white prior to adding the contrast and it seems to off worked. I just need to think if I should add any light on the model at this late stage, not sure really.

When I bases them and added dirt I may try to get some pics in daylight.

12 thoughts on “A Wolf and A Pig

  1. I like them both, but Sam really takes the cake. Well, he might have eaten the cake too, but I digress. Haha! He looks great and the expression on his face is awesome.

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  2. Nice work on these non-combatants! These are both fairly important characters in the universe so I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to get motivated to paint them. I’d have to agree with Faust that Sam takes it for me. He is a great character and any scene with him in the show is often a rare moment of levity.

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