I normally tend to take my time painting, and models seem to spend an age in various part painted states. However tomorrow I’m going to a local tournament for A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) game and I have deiced I wanted to use one of my Christmas presents as he commander of the one of the 2 forces I’m taking. I only really decided this after the local game night on Thursday, and as such I had Friday night after work and Saturday to paint him, and I actually did it! (base still drying) Now I know that is far from a speed paint, but it is for me so I’m happy, and more importantly I’m happy with how he turned out!

His name is Ser Denys Mallister and he is the Commander of the Shadow Tower, for those of you not versed in the A Song of Ice and Fire setting (note the game is based of the books not the TV show which apparently differ in parts) I’ll explain who he is. Frist off I have not spelt Sir wrong Knights in this setting are called “Ser” and this chap is a member of house Mallister which is in the west coast middle of the kingdom and have the Eagle as symbol and he became a Knight very young. He later joined the Nights Watch, people that all wear black and man the huge wall too the far north of the kingdom and protect it from all the horrors beyond the wall. He is a rather older chap in the books commands the Shadow Tower which is the most Western Tower along the wall.

In Game Terms he can either command or be a non-Combat character, I’ve only used him as a Commander so far and I really like his play style. The game uses a deck of cards (20) which you get access to during the game a few at a time and these can be used to help you troops on the field, 14 of these cards come from the faction you use, but 6 come from the commander you chose. So the Commander has a big impact on the feel of the whole force, which is great! Ser Dany brings cards that give out and use negative tokens for the enemy, making the weaker / more cowardly / easier to kill, and really enjoyed using him so far.

So I’ll start to pack the rest of the force now and try to remember to take a few photos of the tournament and write a little blog post on it.


14 thoughts on “A rushed one

  1. He looks great and will fit right in with the rest of the Night’s Watch in your collection. I appreciated the description of how he works in the game too. It seems like A Song of Ice and Fire has a really smart system with plenty of customization. I hope the tournament well!

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    1. Thanks man, he was nice to paint. The game is really good, as much as I like the models the game is what is really keeping me going. It feels like every time you have a go there are 5 things you want to do but you can only do 1 before you opponent goes, so really gets the head scratching of which to do. And the little tweaks like a different commander or different attachment can really change how the unit or whole army plays.

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