I’ve just finished of my first “Neutral” model for the game A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones setting), so Neutral models can join any force and represent mercenaries and the like. This particular model is a “Hedge Knight” which are landless nobles owning little else than there arms armor and horses, they did not really appear in the TV show (or I don’t recall them if they did) but this game is based of the books not the show and they are definitely mentioned in that only read book 1 and some of book 2 so far and they had be talked about. I got the model as a prize when I went to my first tournament, as a single models that can be used as an “attachment” so this hedge knight is a Fortune Seeker giving the unit extra options when your army claims the “money bag” on the none combat board.

As this model is not directly part of my Night Watch force I chose to use other colours (not just black yes!) but kept the base and the mud stains the same to help tie it in with the force at least a little. With the freedom of colours I was a bit unsure what to go with for a colours scheme, so I asked my little lad to help me pick, and we looked through the only place you need to look for knight paint schemes, TIMs blog! and my little lad picked this knight: https://theimperfectmodeller.co.uk/2022/05/16/dio-bolical-monday-no-45-death-taxes-the-earls-visit-part-23/ but he wanted to change to colours and go for green and yellow. So thanks for the inspiration TIM!

Other than the green and yellow I wanted very muted colours so kept to browns silvers and creams, for the armor, horse and clothing. I must say however that this was a rather frustrating model to paint, the paint simply would not stick very well, I assume there most of been some mold release aid still on the model (I had not washed it), but the spray under coat seemed to go on fine, and I have not problem with any other models for A Song of Ice and Fire and had not washed any of those! Which was a shame really as it was a great sculpt with the perfect amount of detail for me, enough to be fun but not to much to be over powering. I future I’ll just make sure to give all my models a quick wash first!


24 thoughts on “To Seek A Fortune

  1. Now that is a really nice mini and the colours work very well I think! I don’t always wash minis and never have a problem. The only one I’ve had endless trouble with is a resin tank that came already primed and I’ve spent months trying to sort it out (it’s currently stashed in a box in the hope that the latest “fix” solves the problem)!

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  2. I will have to look at these figures because that is a really nice knight. As for the colour combination I think I might have to have a go at that one myself as it works very well. We’ll done to your lad, a modeller and painter in the making. πŸ™‚

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    1. He’s got a good eye, he’s tried a little painting but he’s not taken to it yet.
      The models are excellent for the game, the manufacturer is called Cool Mini Or Not, I normally get them from look hobby shops, Element Game near Manchester stock them for example.
      If you saw the show or read the book all the units are called stuff from that.

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  3. That is very curious about the paint. I wash all my resin models and almost never have issues. Whether that is because I washed them or not, I can’t really say! I really like this sculpt and as others have said, the heraldry is excellent. It was a great idea using TIM for inspiration and the thought that both of you might be painting more minis like this is exciting! Maybe I’ll get in on the act too, especially if I can get a single model like this one.

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    1. Really odd with the paint, but I did forget to wash, so could just be that, I’ll be washing all in the future!
      Blogs are such a great place for inspiration, and TIMs is amazing for Knights!
      I hope you do paint some, they do however come in a pack of 4, but they are relatively cheap in comparison to GW (well in the UK they are).

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      1. Hopefully washing does the trick and I completely agree on blogs being a good source of inspiration.

        Can you tell me what the name of the pack is? I did some looking and couldn’t find it, though there are a lot of miniatures for the game. I hate to admit it but there are several boxes of Knights I saw where I’d love to paint one of them. This conversation is almost definitely going to cost me some money πŸ˜€

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  4. That are a lot of great models for the game!
    The box is called “HEDGE KNIGHTS” and the game is called “A SONG OF ICE & FIRE”
    Here is a link I got of the manufactures website (CMON) for a shop in the USA with the miniature on:
    I live in the UK, so never used this shop, also in the UK I can normally get them cheaper by looking at local gaming shops, but not sure what its like in the USA.
    Also the manufacture have a good website that has more pictures of nice models to tempt you in the future πŸ™‚

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    1. I was looking on Asmodee’s shop but I couldn’t find them still for some reason. Thank you for the link! These look great and I’m certainly tempted by them. I don’t think I could go wrong with some Baratheon knights either to be honest… πŸ™‚

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