After finishing off Lily the other day it was time to work on her followers the Thornlings, which are 5 human sized tree men / Spriggan type beings. I’ve seen a lot of people paint these up all brown with a very bark like texture, so I wanted to try something different and add some more greens to them to represent new growth, but there are definitely parts that look like bark in there as well. So I painted up the bark first in browns and I did a couple of dry brushes for depth but because I always feel that dry brushes give a rough texture (or at least when I do them!). Then I worked on the greens in the more fluid areas and focused on using more washes (more than one over each other) to get a more fluid/smother finish.

The heads are completly smooth save for the eye slits so tried a white / cream colour and a smooth finish and that seemed to work nicely and give a creepy sort of sinister look with the green eyes. Other than that it was mainly just some leaves/flowers and then some red moss on the big chap, I like painting that so of played about on the surface with different washes and dry-brushes to get a none even texture. There is also a little tree with a squirrel and some birds in that is Lilys flag/banner that I also painted up, not as happy with this model, I did the tree the same as the bark on the other models but it makes it seems like it misses something, but for a banner I recon its fine.

And thats it really another warband done, so here Lily is with her followers ready to take over the woods! And I’m already working on the next warband so hopefully they will be appearing here soon!


10 thoughts on “Leaf it out

    1. They are lovely models, and I was very happy with the white heads, they sort of happened by chance as I undercoated white and was not sure how to paint them and the more that got painted around them the better the white looked!


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