Battle Report – Stompy goes Stomping!

Last night at the local gaming club in Bury we had not 1 but 2 games of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) going on, one was me vs Mark who is still new to the game, I've played him once before and I think he had 1 other game. And the … Continue reading Battle Report – Stompy goes Stomping!

A Wolf and A Pig

So I've been continuing to work on some of the named models for my Night's Watch force. I actually took these to the tournament last week bit they where only basecoated (I know I was very disappointed with myself too!). I have however continued to work on them and now the Painting part is done, … Continue reading A Wolf and A Pig

Box Tastic

So tonight I made a box! but not just any box, a gaming box full of tiny little spaceships! This came about after I finished painting the tiny torpedoes, flights and bombers that are 3D printed markers for the space ship game I play, Battlefleet Gothic, they are so fragil (being Eldar/space elves) that I … Continue reading Box Tastic