My Ratmen, a force made for 9th edition Warhammer, that is still square based.

Rocket Rat

So the little lad kindly bought me Skaven model for my birthday that I’ve just finished off today. The model is great, the masive silly rocket he has the pose with the manic laugh is just great. I really like the pipe he is standing on. The brass / copper on his back was done … Continue reading Rocket Rat

Collection of models I have done for the D&D campaigns that I have played.

High Elves
My first really army, that is still progress but now as an Age of Sigma Lumineth Realm Lords Force

A great game by Steam Forge Games that sits between a board game and a wargame.

Lighting struk

I’ve now had chance to finish off Luella that I started the other day, did a couple of minor tuch ups but mainly it was the base. So I wanted a Norse sort of feel base, so so grass a few grey stones a bit of heather but I also wanted to try and capture … Continue reading Lighting struk

Khorne Bloodbound – mortals
Age of Sigma Khorne force with the paint scheme somewhat inspired by the TV series Vikings

Dogged up

So I finally finished the bases of my dog I’ve been doing, and it was a nice day and hence I though it would also be a nice day to get some pics of the force as it now stands! I’m glad I got these done as they have been quick to paint (actual painting … Continue reading Dogged up

Misc Fantasy
Other “Fantasy” based posts


Space Wolves
Ragnars Wolves, my homebrew great company with a focus on individual heroism.

Space Wolf force

So Azazel put up a community April Army /Armour challenge and I liked the idea and hence thus is my post in response. So lets start with the good stuff pic of my current painted Space Wolf Army, that definetly wear armour and are a army. Now yes I now this is only a small … Continue reading Space Wolf force

My Inquisition force, mainly models / painted for the fun of doing this rather than to really use in an particular gaming system

The Inquisition

I’ve always really enjoyed the Inquistion in 40K, Eisenhorn and Ravenor books by Dan Abnett are definitely my favorite 40K novels, and rather high on my favorite novel list in general.  I’ve GM’ed the role playing game Dark Heresy by for a while as well and I’m currently reading Resurrection and playing the PS4 Inquisition … Continue reading The Inquisition

Eshers and Goliath

Come get some

So I put this model together some years ago now, the pose was inspire by Anne Bonny from Black Sails (a great TV series if anyone has not seen it), as I felt the pose captured her attitude and moved it into a 40K setting. I seem to remember the conversion being a pain due … Continue reading Come get some

These are my Tyranids that I’m painting mainly with contrast paints.

Niding along

So my local GW store is doing monthly painting competitions, and I’m thinking about trying to enter as many as possible this year. They all have a very simple them, this month being big models. I’m hoping this will inspire me to try to get lots of different thinks painted! So I’ve been working on … Continue reading Niding along

PHR Dropzone Commander
10-mm Sci-Fi Game, based around dropships placing ground units in war torn mega cities.

Space Marines
The Templars of Righteousness, a homebrew Sons of Dorn chapter, this army has been going for years and was my first foray into 40K.

It’s a Bigun!

So I don’t normally like posting pics of just grey plastic, but after 2 night of clipping, cutting, filing and glueing I think I’ll make an exception just this once. This is a Knight Castellan which I got for my birthday, I guess I’ve been a good boy this year! It is a massive model … Continue reading It’s a Bigun!

Misc Sci-fi
Just misc Sci-Fi style models