Its what you fight for that counts!

Got a game planned for this weekend, and we have decided to do the relic mission from the 40K main rule book. For those that don't know the point of this mission is to get a item the "relic" from the middle of the table and keeping it away from your opponent. So I figured … Continue reading Its what you fight for that counts!

2 Halves Become 1

So to day I've been back working on the Imperial Knight that I', doing as part of a project with the other half.  The last time I worked on this however it did not go so well, just was not flowing The tops a start at least.  However today has if anything felt the opposite, feels … Continue reading 2 Halves Become 1


I'm looky enought to of married someone that understands my hobby. So when our first Wedding anniversary came around I received a model, but not just any model. It was 1st wedding anniversary themed, so paper! Now the other day I suddenly realised that this model had a few freinds, rope, leather and cloth to … Continue reading Paper