Year of the rope

After a bit of a negative painting session last night on the knight, I thought I'd do something a little different tonight. So picked up the wedding anniversary present my other half got me for our 2 wedding anniversary. Which is "rope". So got the base colours on it, and its looking ok. The colour … Continue reading Year of the rope

The tops a start at least.

Tonight's not felt like the best hobby night, I did the little finishing touches to the Bloodreave I had been working on but thats not really changed enough for a new pic. Then I've been working on the uper body of the Knight me and FangirlĀ and this has felt a bit furtless, just putting the … Continue reading The tops a start at least.


I'm looky enought to of married someone that understands my hobby. So when our first Wedding anniversary came around I received a model, but not just any model. It was 1st wedding anniversary themed, so paper! Now the other day I suddenly realised that this model had a few freinds, rope, leather and cloth to … Continue reading Paper