Marines loaded up

Got these 5 finished off a little bit ago and finally had chance to photo them. They are 5 normal Marines from my home brew Chapter Themplars of Righteousness. They are a mix of mark 3 iron armour with current backpack and boltguns. Really like painting them the armour is so nice to work on … Continue reading Marines loaded up

Old school half way there

So the first 5 marines of my "old school" style tactical squad is now done. Stook to my standard colour scheme of black with white shoulders and blue on the helmets to nominate tactical. I'm really pleased with them, they seem to have the slightly gritty look I was going for. Also the black armour … Continue reading Old school half way there

For 4.

Got the last "normal" marine done for my first Primaris squad done. More or less same process as the previous ones, and as a results starting to feel a little more confident with the edge highlighting on the black. These models do all have there own little unique bits like this guys little bone relic … Continue reading For 4.