After my last post people kindly gave some tips and hints on how to improve my little wet dragon. So tonight I had a go at the silver highlights on the Copper which worked OK, that along with some mixed copper/gold highlights have got it to a point I'm happy with. It was also recommended … Continue reading Gem

The Wet Dragon

I've been working on another GodTear hero recently this one is called Raith'Marid he is a humanoid dragon with a very water based theme, his follows are actually sort of mini water elementals. But I've chosen to get and paint the metal version that was released with the kick starter rather than the slightly newer … Continue reading The Wet Dragon

Podcast number 2 – the Greens

So myself and Ben have now recorded our second blog post and this time we are covering the shaper class (or green class!) for the game GodTear form Steam Forge Games I've got 2 such champions Nia ( and Styx ( which I've painted up. I hope any GodTear Fans out there enjoy it!