Stick Man

So today I finished the treeman / ent or as the little lad likes to call it "my stick man" I've been working on recently. The wife kindly got me this for our 5th wedding anniversary as that is the "wooden" anniversary and its been a real pleasure to paint. What I really have liked … Continue reading Stick Man

Treeing into life

So I've started a Treeman that the better half kindly got me for our 5th wedding anniversary. I was not that happy with the left hand option and liked 2 of the right hand options so did a bit of a swapping around which was more challenging than I had thought it would be. After … Continue reading Treeing into life


I'm looky enought to of married someone that understands my hobby. So when our first Wedding anniversary came around I received a model, but not just any model. It was 1st wedding anniversary themed, so paper! Now the other day I suddenly realised that this model had a few freinds, rope, leather and cloth to … Continue reading Paper