“Big Oops” re-Blog

So the other half has made a mistake and some how deleted her follows.  See below, if anyone would re-follow her that would be grand. http://www.tragicfangirl.com This is a post in which I admit I made a bit of a mistake. I recently made my Book Reviewing blog self hosted. A part of this was … Continue reading “Big Oops” re-Blog

Attention Officer Present

Today there was still enough light left in the day when I got home from work for me to take some photos in natural light.  So I got some pics of my Primaris Lieutenant the current Leader of my Templars of Righteousness 5th battle company. Really enjoyed finishing this model off the gold was nice … Continue reading Attention Officer Present

Now thats a pistol

So tonight been working on a 3 goliath models, just base coats with this chap getting the furthest along so far. He'll be getting a good old wash in Agrax Earthshade when he's dry. And I'm working on this one currently as its the one the little lad though looked best!