Holding up

I've been working on a bit more terrain for A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones game), the starter boxes comes with 2D terrain and these all have special rules that work well in game, so I'm just making 3D versions but with identical foot print and theming snowy to fit with the … Continue reading Holding up

To Seek A Fortune

I've just finished of my first "Neutral" model for the game A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones setting), so Neutral models can join any force and represent mercenaries and the like. This particular model is a "Hedge Knight" which are landless nobles owning little else than there arms armor and horses, they … Continue reading To Seek A Fortune

Box Tastic

So tonight I made a box! but not just any box, a gaming box full of tiny little spaceships! This came about after I finished painting the tiny torpedoes, flights and bombers that are 3D printed markers for the space ship game I play, Battlefleet Gothic, they are so fragil (being Eldar/space elves) that I … Continue reading Box Tastic