Come get some

So I put this model together some years ago now, the pose was inspire by Anne Bonny from Black Sails (a great TV series if anyone has not seen it), as I felt the pose captured her attitude and moved it into a 40K setting. I seem to remember the conversion being a pain due … Continue reading Come get some

Inspired Inspiration

So I've been painting a bit more Necromunda stuff and this one is a truly inspired model, whoever though about making a crocodile that lives in a hive city and is a pet of a gang leader and is injected with combat drugs was clearly inspired! I did however take some time to figure out … Continue reading Inspired Inspiration

Now thats a pistol

So tonight been working on a 3 goliath models, just base coats with this chap getting the furthest along so far. He'll be getting a good old wash in Agrax Earthshade when he's dry. And I'm working on this one currently as its the one the little lad though looked best!