So its been a while since I’ve posted as its been a while since I’ve done any hobby related stuff, not even been reading other people hobby blog, well “I recognise my failings and will endeavor to correct them”

And as such here is tonights work on the leader of my Goliath Gang known as The King.

At this point in time I for some reason thought it was funny to paint a model from a game setting where none of them ever go outside and live there entire lives never seeing the sun or feeling fresh air on their skin.

I’ve tried to keep the paint scheme similar to the first member of his little ban. I still need to work on the metal areas, need to add some rust etc and of course do the base. But the rest is more or less done I think.

I liked painting the little computer screen on his wrist, think I might put a gloss over it to make it look more like a screen.

I do like the back implant that these models have that gives them all their combat drugs. Used a few less colours on this one than the first model but I think I prefer it.

Don’t think the Plasma on his pistol is quiet right yet might need to do a little more there perhaps just a bit of gloss will.make it work not sure.

I had planned on writing down which paints I used to help me for the next one but looking at them at the end I think I might not bother!

I’ll try to get him finished off over the weekend and get some better photos in the light box. But he is a problem model to photo always in his own shadows so we will see if they turn out any better.

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