Lighting struk

I've now had chance to finish off Luella that I started the other day, did a couple of minor tuch ups but mainly it was the base. So I wanted a Norse sort of feel base, so so grass a few grey stones a bit of heather but I also wanted to try and capture … Continue reading Lighting struk

Luella, Ella, Ella

Been working on some more GodTear, and got my latest champ more or less complete, might need a little extra highlights on the leather tabard and basing. She is called Luella, The Raging Storm, and has a variety of lighting based attacks in game. Hence the attempt at a lighting style face tattoo, also the … Continue reading Luella, Ella, Ella

Podcast number 2 – the Greens

So myself and Ben have now recorded our second blog post and this time we are covering the shaper class (or green class!) for the game GodTear form Steam Forge Games I've got 2 such champions Nia ( and Styx ( which I've painted up. I hope any GodTear Fans out there enjoy it!