3 out of 3 is well done!

So I managed to finish off the last champion and follows I need for the 3 champ GodTear campaign event I going to next weekend. This one is called Mournblade. Another Skelton type, so I did worn cloth, and corrosion on the armour. His in game attacks are called Soul Cleave so I painted the … Continue reading 3 out of 3 is well done!

2 Base-icly done

Finshed of the base for Nia tonight, I tried to add a little extra to the base in comparison to normal, mainly due to the fact that there is some much space on the base. My idea here was that I'd put her near the giants cause way, now I should point out that Ive … Continue reading 2 Base-icly done

Rock on

So recently I picked up a game thats really only just hitting the shelves called GodTear. My mate did the kickstarter and showed me it, after 2 games I pick some of it up at my local store. The game itself is great, a really good "simple to play hard to master" set up. In … Continue reading Rock on