Lighting struk

I've now had chance to finish off Luella that I started the other day, did a couple of minor tuch ups but mainly it was the base. So I wanted a Norse sort of feel base, so so grass a few grey stones a bit of heather but I also wanted to try and capture … Continue reading Lighting struk

Luella, Ella, Ella

Been working on some more GodTear, and got my latest champ more or less complete, might need a little extra highlights on the leather tabard and basing. She is called Luella, The Raging Storm, and has a variety of lighting based attacks in game. Hence the attempt at a lighting style face tattoo, also the … Continue reading Luella, Ella, Ella


Many people may assume that this post would be about a rather large champ, but no, today I use BFG to stand for Battle Fleet Gothic!  This is a now discontinued game by GamesWorkshop, it was affectively the space ship version of Warhammer 40K.  Now I played this game many years ago and got an … Continue reading BFG