Put Some Gloves On Next Time

The last Battle I had of A Song of Ice and Fire I did a 50 point list as a practices for a Tournament I'm heading to soon and the game seemed to go well and the list seemed to play as I wanted. It did however have a single unpainted model, and I have … Continue reading Put Some Gloves On Next Time

Wolfing About

I've just finished up the most recently released Champion for GodTear which I got at the most recent tournament I went to, Fenra, Wolf of the End Times & Chainless Curs. Steam Forge game have also wrote a short story featuring her which was a nice place to get a bit of inspiration. As you … Continue reading Wolfing About


After my last post people kindly gave some tips and hints on how to improve my little wet dragon. So tonight I had a go at the silver highlights on the Copper which worked OK, that along with some mixed copper/gold highlights have got it to a point I'm happy with. It was also recommended … Continue reading Gem