So Azazel put up a community April Army /Armour challenge and I liked the idea and hence thus is my post in response.

So lets start with the good stuff pic of my current painted Space Wolf Army, that definetly wear armour and are a army.

Now yes I now this is only a small force, but I have a good reason/excuse fore that!

But before that Space Wolfs for me are an odd force, a few years back I did not understand why anyone would collect them, silly Vikings in 40K. Then I read Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett, and wow that changed my mind.

So I started Space Wolves but with 2 important things in mind, it would be a force of individuals all with there own saga to tell, and I would push my painting. So to do both at once I changed from batch painted which I had always done to individual painting, which was a big thing for me at the time. This is my very first Space Wolf.

He is so much better than my previous models (and yes I know he is not perfect and nothing on a good painter) but a real personal step change for me. To the point where I even liked him! ( well apart from 1 shoulder pad ).

Next I moved onto his mates, trying to change skin and hair colour slightly each time along with little elements of the armour and weapons to get that individual fell, the no helmets help.

As you can see all have names as well to encourage me to think of them each differently. Rune priest was next up and a nit of a kit bash which I always like.

After that it was the wolf rides, which are great model even if I hated my attempt at the fur on the wolves.

The leader for the wolf riders again bit of a kit bash.

I’ve more recently been workimg on some Blood Claws but not got all them done yet.

Still got a big force to paint and some more kit bashed heros, also got a book that I’m trying to fill out a page with drawn pic about each one. Really need to get on that.

Any way expect more Wolf pics in the near future.

P.S. photos kindly done by the other half

13 thoughts on “Space Wolf force

  1. Great work on these, mate! They’re a small Force, sure – but the point of the “Army” photos is just that – for some awesome group shots like this one. And they’re certainly armoured as well!

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