So last night I finished off my first 10mm infantry unit for Dropzone Commander, apart from the base! I like giving models a base that looks like where they would fight. Dropzone is based around human mega cities of the not to distant future that have been abandoned for some years after they were taken over by an evil alien race.

Well that sounded like the perfect excuse to paint a derelict road, so I picked up a spare base I had to do a tester.

And I was really please, first attempt and nice and quick, so I then tried to replicate this on the infantry base (why the real world does not have a copy and paste function I will never know).

And it came out alright, not perfect I think I need a layer of very fine sand down first to cover the rims of the models and give just a little texture. But I’m still happy with it, not going to rebase it or anything.

So the force so far, perhaps more a patrol than a force but I’m enjoying this scale so far.

Also does anyone know any online shops that might sell 10mm scenery, I’m after some abandoned cars for some of the biger bases but never bought much 10mm stuff before.

8 thoughts on “Its a base thing

  1. Very nice basing! The miniatures themselves perhaps don’t lend themselves wonderfully to this kind of zoomed in photography simply due to their tiny scale, but that base looks exactly perfect.

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    1. Thanks you sir. I understand your point regarding the size of the minis, I actually think that these size models look a lot better as a force. But seen as I’ve hardly painted any yet I can not do that yet!


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