So I’ve been fairly busy over the last few evenings and a bit of my day off today and got my Spear Men (well actually their name is Vanari Auralan Wardens) to a point where they are close to done.

The models are really nice to paint, I did them in batch style of a set of 8 (after the test model) and still found them enjoyable to paint.

The backs of the sheilds are worth a mention, lovely crafted much better than the old school bit of flat plast I remember.

Overall really pleased with these so far I think to colour scheme works well for the unit and individuals.

Just got to figure out if I want to add any little details to them. After my last post John suggest something on the scabard which I did on the test model, I think it looks fine just not sure if it adds enough for me to do things like this to the entire squad or not.

Conveniently the sheild fell off as I took the photo.

So still got the champ to do, I’ll try to spend a bit more time on him, bases really not even sure on a theme yet and figure out if they need any extra details or not.

13 thoughts on “Ctrl C, Ctrl V x 8

    1. Cheers John, I was apprehensive while doing it and the other half (that has a illustration degree) did give me a funny look when I mentioned my colour idea. But I’m happy with how they turned out, just got to figure out what bases might work on them.

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      1. I think sometimes you just have to give it a go, but I think they really have come out well! 🙂 I think I’d be inclined to go with a darker brown base, or a base with less grass and maybe some lighter/winter grass tufts or scattered stones (e.g. cat litter), but you might need to experiment (of course, this is from the man who tends to keep to the same earth/grass bases for his historical stuff)!

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