So a while back Games Workshop released some goblins on wolves, I really like the look of these models, felt like they where a throw back to the Goblin wolf riders in Battle Masters which was a box set game in the early 90s (I think, but could of been late 80s) and really where my hobby all started.

So I’ve had these models a while but a few bit have had me confused for ages on how to paint them. But I had a brain wave the other day to help me with one bit, contrast paints.

Been playing with GW new contrast paints for a while now and one thing I think is intresting is that they get a lot from what they are painted over, this gave me an idea for more realistic fair on the wolves.

So take 1 paint the wolf 3 colours light cream underside and inside legs, normal brown most of it, grey ridge on the back, and then give it all a bit of a drybrush. Also did the goblin green with a yellow drybrush at the same time.

Then its a simple brown contrast on the wolf and green on the goblin.

So ok, not perfect, the pattern on the wolf look “natural” but is too subtle, also the green on the face of the goblin worked best where I watered down the contrast.

So take 2 same idea but emphasis the colour differences with the base colours, and water down the contrast a bit.

So 2 is looking better than 3 in my eyes, which is good (spear is 2 bow is 1) got the leader to do which I think I’ll more or less follow method 2.

Still got loads of work to do but getting there. Also not got my head around the pre-molded bases, they sort of look dersert in part but then the goblins are wearing fur, so might have to try make them look more wintery.

17 thoughts on “Something old and something new but nothing blue!

  1. They look good, but I’m still not sold on GW Contrast paints. The fur I’ve painted over the years has always been dark prime, dark under coat (brown, black, grey, etc.), then layers of dry brushing to bring out the contrast while adding layers of character. This old, tried and true method also give your miniatures some level of individuality.

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    1. I’ve seen people do good results with this, but I’ve just never been able to do a good job of it. I think it’s because dry brushing is something I’m not really very good at.
      Have you ever been able to get natural looking patterns on this way? If so how do you go about that?


      1. If you have a look at my Lord of the rings posts I did a few wolves building up different layers. I did the same with the diorama, it didn’t work as well as the models were smaller.

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